The Changing Face of Funerals II

The Evolution of Funerals Funerals have been around for a very long time. They are a way to honor life and to take care of the human remains.  Burial and cremation rituals have been customized to reflect the social values of a particular group of people. As the first blog, Changing Face of Funerals I, […]

The Changing Face of Funerals I

The Changing Face of Funerals I 60,000 B.C. to 50 B.C. Life and death have always been connected even though we view them quite differently. We celebrate new life and mourn the passing of life. In both cases, the rituals and traditions reflect the beliefs and attitudes of a culture at a particular time in […]

Why We Do It

Why We Choose The Funeral Industry Most people we meet outside of our capacity as professionals wonder why we do what we do. As an icebreaker at a party, we keep the response simple and sweet: because we believe the work we do helps grieving families. But really, the answer isn’t always that simple. There are […]

Events & Death

Event-Related Folklore   Death is an important topic of folklore. What it is, how it appears, and how avoid or trick it are all part of the rich stories, legends, tales, superstitions and more that make up the world of folklore. Here is a list of folk ways that center on events that could foreshadow the […]

May 2017 Picks

May in Northern Sonoma County is packed with activities and events. Here are some of our favorites: May 5 – Oliver’s in Windsor Live Music – Oliver’s Market’s in-store Tavern Off The Green has more than a great pub menu and 24 rotating taps of local beer, wine and cider to offer. The Tavern is […]

Folklore of Death

Superstitions and Omens   As long as people have been trying to come to terms with and understand the mysteries surrounding death, there has been folklore about death. Folklore, commonly referred to as folk wisdom or folk ways, was used to help explain significant life passages such as death. It offered beliefs about life after death […]

Poems about Death

Verses About Death April is National Poetry Month. So, we did some reading to uncover some of the most popular poems written about death and loss. Here are two of the American women poets we discovered: Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) Critics say her poetry was influenced by seventeenth-century English metaphysical poets as well as her Puritan […]

April 2017 Picks

Welcome to April. Here is a list of things to do in Northern Sonoma County and elsewhere in the area. : Apr 6 – Tiffany Austin Quartet – Jazz vocalist Tiffany Austin will delight The Jazz Club with arrangements that vary from classic swing to contemporary R&B in the manner of Robert Glasper or Jose […]

Talking with Children about Death

What Do You Say? When Do You Say It? What do you say to children when they ask you about death? Do you wait until they bring the topic up or do you talk about it when someone they know dies? We believe that the when and where of such a conversation is a personal […]

Today’s Pre-Need

Today’s PreNeed World Times have changed. Today’s interest in pre-need options reflects that. More people are asking about preplanning choices that not only allow them to keep costs down, but also because they are thinking ahead. For example, family members whose loved ones are in hospice care are taking time now to make final arrangements.  […]