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When a loved one dies the family must make some very hard decisions while under tremendous stress.If pre-planning has not been done, the family needs to decide what type of final disposition they would like for their loved one. The most common options are funerals and cremations.


A funeral is more than a time to mourn the death of a loved one. It can provide family and friends with an opportunity to celebrate a life well-lived. This personalized tribute is as old as mankind and specific rites vary depending upon the beliefs and practices of cultures and religious affiliations.

Funeral ceremonies consist of a visitation (open or closed casket), service, burial and typically and a gathering, such as a luncheon. The visitation provides an opportunity for loved ones and friends to get together as a community and tell stories. These shared stories become treasured memories that can begin the healing process.

If desired, family members can include meaningful items from the loved one’s life in the memorial or celebration of life celebration service. For example, a favorite poem, display of photos, awards, medals, musical instrument, or garden gloves can highlight some of the loved one’s special life moments.

The burial is the placement of the deceased in their final resting place. The burial may be for family members only with the family saying a few words or may be public with a clergy present.

Your loved one will be placed in a casket of you choice. Casket designs and materials range from affordable to luxury and can be personalized to reflect your loved one’s special life. Please call 707-545-3747 to make an appointment to view our selection.

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Cremations, like funerals, can be customized to reflect your loved one’s individual life in a way that is memorable for all. Sharing these moments with those in attendance will help preserve them, and will encourage healing from the loss.

Cremated ashes can be preserved in a variety of ways. The most common is the urn. In some cases these vase-like containers can also be used to store water, flowers and other items.  As a unique and beautiful tribute to your loved one, the urn can be displayed in a columbarium, atop or in a gravesite, or in a private residence.

Urns come in a variety of shapes, materials and styles, such as metal wind chimes, bronze sculptures and wooden keepsake boxes. They can be memorialized with quotes or other artwork and can be made of  biodegradable materials that are environmentally friendly.

Cremations, which date back to ancient times, can serve as a funeral or post-funeral rites. They can include these options:

  • Full traditional or contemporary service before your loved one has been cremated with the body present at the service.
  • Full service before cremation with loved one not present.
  • Memorial service or Life celebration after cremation has taken place.
  • A combination of the above.
  • Direct Cremation

We carry a full line of urns and memorial containers. Please call 707-545-3747 to make an appointment to view our selection.

Alternative Cremation

Life Celebrations and Memorial Services

There are many ways to remember the life of a loved one. Family and friends gather together  – often without the body present – to recall joyous and/or meaningful moments in the loved one’s life. These gatherings often include photographs, favorite music and other mementos that encourage those in attendance to share memories. They also often include a meal, such as a luncheon.

Memorial services can take place with or without the body being present. Personal items can be displayed and light refreshments are often served.

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One of the most difficult times in any family’s life is the period of deep sorrow following the loss of a loved one.  Unless there has been pre-planning, it is during this period of grief that the bereaved family must make the important decisions regarding funeral arrangements. Along with the emotional loss experienced with the death of a loved one, families can incur a heavy financial burden based upon emotional spending and spiraling expenses.

We encourage family members who want to take the worry and stress out of funeral arrangements for their grieving families consider pre-planning. Our Service Your Way assures you that your life will be remembered and celebrated as you would like it to be. Making determinations now will also allow you to control costs.

Our pre-need plan is designed to help you finance the cost of funeral services over an extended period of time. In this way you can thoughtfully prepare for the inevitable so that others won’t have to.