Alternative Cremation


P: 1-855-303-6449/F: 1-855-303-6450

Welcome! Our professional ALTERNATIVE CREMATION SERVICE  is designed to allow you to make cost conscious decisions in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. For those desiring to meet with a funeral director or have questions, please call 855-303-6449 or 707-894-2540.

The ALTERNATIVE CREMATION SERVICE process is handled via internet or fax. The required documents, listed below, are offered in an easy-to-use downloadable pdf format. You simply click onto each document title and then complete before printing it out (or you can print them all out and then complete). You can either fax the forms to 855-303- 6450 or email them (as scanned-in attachments) to

Your circumstances:

If the death has occurred at home and your loved one is under hospice care:

Contact the Hospice nurse and tell them your loved one has passed. When the pronouncement of death has occurred, ask the nurse to call us at 855-303-6449. We will be contacted by our answering service to pick up your loved one.

If the death has occurred at a hospital or skilled nursing facility:

The RN or MD will pronounce your loved one. Ask the RN to call us at 855-303-6449 and we will be contacted by our answering service to pick up your loved one.

If a death has occurred at home and your loved one was not under hospice care (contact your local Police Dept) or the coroner’s office is investigating:

Authorize the law enforcement agent or the coroner’s office to contact us and ask that we bring your loved one into our care.

Included in the $1295 services are:

•Transferring your loved one to one of our facilities (additional mileage may apply)
• Sheltering and refrigeration for the deceased prior to cremation
• Preparing death certificate and permit
• Coordinating with MD/Coroner
• Administrative assistant for obtaining information from various parties (MD, health department)
• Minimum durable container for cremated remains required by law
• Cremation
• Coordinating disposition of cremated remains
• Permit
• Department of Consumer Affair (may apply)

Glossary of Terms

Cremation Caskets and Urns

Required Documentation: (click each title to view document in downloadable PDF format. Filled-in information will NOT be saved)

Download All Forms

Fax-Email Coversheet

Release of Deceased Form

Authorization for Cremation and Disposition(copy of driver’s license or state ID required)

Declaration of Disposition of Cremated Remains

Authorization for Disposition with or without embalming

Coroner’s Office Authorization

Disclosure of Preneed Funeral Agreement

Vital Statistic Information Sheet

Statement of Funeral Goods and Services

Payment Information